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a gw2 commission for Mechaarcanine

Thank you for your patronage!

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Cloud White Character Design Ver.4
From my original project Electric Hearts (formerly called Xing/SYNC).
A Cloud / Rabbit / Anthro themed android.

Cloud was originally designed as a fox android, but as the main character is going to be an Alice, I decided to make him a rabbit.

This is Cloud’s normal form which he has his arms detached from his main body, much like Rayman. Except Cloud’s arms can fly far away and act as child machines rather than a pair of hands that invisibly attached to the main body.

Cloud is a shape-shifter, such concept had been explored once in one of my old version 2 design sheet. I will give Cloud a complete set of other modes in version 4.

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To drown in the intangible

Small vent piece.

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dragons!!!trade with marceline !! i rly enjoyed pixeling this!!!

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for that matter, this tumblr is going inactive until further notice. don’t expect anything but sporadic posts here. i will not be answering any fanmail sent to this account.

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if we unfollowed you and/or removed you from skype there’s a pretty solid chance that isnt going to change for the foreseeable future, btw. just making that clear.

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adoptable i’m going to sale; $20 thru paypal

their a plushie giraffe that came to life one day and they eat fireflies and thusly thats why their eyes/mouth glow! 

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i lied, i made a twitter. no, you can’t have it.